How to report an invasive mosquito

  • 1. First observe well the insect, which must:
    The insect resembles a mosquito,that is it must have 2 wings, a proboscis and must be relatively small (about 1 cm)
  • have a distinctly white and black coloration on the legs

The thorax of Aedes albopictus is black with an evident white streak in the centre, while Aedes japonicus and Aedes koreicus have brownish / yellowish

2. Take a full picture (required) of the insect highlighting the hind legs well in focus.

3. If available place the mosquito specimen in a small container (e.g. match box) paddle with cotton wool and send it to one of the reporting point (see addresses at the bottom of the page).

4. At the end, proceed with the report by clicking the button below.

Report an invasive mosquito